Jo Pass
Age Range: 32- 45
Ethnicity: Australian 
Height: 165cm 
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Green/Hazel

2017 Harbour                            Dir. Sean O'Riordan                Theatre

2017 A Lie of the Mind              Dir. Sean O'Riordan                Theatre

2016 A Midsummers                 Dir. Sean O'Riordan                Theatre

2016 Caress Ache                    Dir. Kate Bookallil                    Theatre 

2016 O Go My Man                  Dir. Sean O'Riordan                 Theatre 

2016 Our Country's Good         Dir. Sean O'Riordan                 Theatre 

2015 The Boys                          Dir. Kate Bookallil                    Theatre

2013 Janet King                        Dir. Ian Watson                        Television 

Life is to be lived!
I am inspired by human beings and the world we live in, and I enjoy telling those stories and exploring our connections.
I approach life with passion. In my corporate world I am passionate about diversity and inclusion - creating dynamic environments that allow people to innovate achieving outcomes that they never thought were possible.
From going to the Opera to racing cars, I enjoy life! I am a professional mentor, presenter, executive leader and facilitator.
I am really just someone who wants to inspire and be inspired.