Jo Pass
Age Range: 32- 45
Ethnicity: Australian 
Height: 165cm 
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Green/Hazel

Life is to be lived!
I am inspired by human beings and the world we live in, and I enjoy telling those stories and exploring our connections.
I approach life with passion. In my corporate world I am passionate about diversity and inclusion - creating dynamic environments that allow people to innovate achieving outcomes that they never thought were possible.
From going to the Opera to racing cars, I enjoy life! I am a professional mentor, presenter, executive leader and facilitator.
I am really just someone who wants to inspire and be inspired.


2017 Harbour                            Dir. Sean O'Riordan                Theatre

2017 A Lie of the Mind              Dir. Sean O'Riordan                Theatre

2016 A Midsummers                 Dir. Sean O'Riordan                Theatre

2016 Caress Ache                    Dir. Kate Bookallil                    Theatre 

2016 O Go My Man                  Dir. Sean O'Riordan                 Theatre 

2016 Our Country's Good         Dir. Sean O'Riordan                 Theatre 

2015 The Boys                          Dir. Kate Bookallil                    Theatre

2013 Janet King                        Dir. Ian Watson                        Television